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Anyone who has shopped the market for a used car can relate to the experience of climbing into a vehicle with a strange or unpleasant odor such as tobacco smoke, pet odors, musty smell or just plain old funk.

First impressions are vital for a car buying client and a strong odor is an immediate deal killer. For many years, car dealers have fought this problem with the industry standard products. Foggy scented coverups in a can, ozone generators and more recently with chlorine dioxide gas.

All are relatively cheap to use, but none are a permanent solution.

BioSweep Nebraska provides that permanent solution.

BioSweep Nebraska applies a concentrated vapor of hydrogen peroxide and purified oxygen to the vehicles interior and A/C system to eliminate strong odors and get the car sold. We have deodorized thousands of vehicles of all sizes over the last 12 years and helped give dealers confidence that a smelly vehicle can still be a profitable vehicle.

BioSweep Nebraska has “saved” hundreds of conditional sales by getting the smell out.

Your competitors are using BioSweep Nebraska to close sales, rentals and leases.
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