Whether you are a realty sales professional or someone responsible for managing rental or commercial properties, chances are good that you have experienced difficulty closing a deal due to a strange or persistent odor in an apartment, home or office.

Standard accepted procedures like a thorough cleaning, source material removal and perhaps commercial deodorizers or disinfectant sprays can be effective in many cases, and there are very few realty or property management professionals who are not familiar with an ozone generator. But the fact is that none of these are a permanent solution to removing deeply embedded odors such as tobacco smoke, pet odors, musty mildew smell or even things like death or trauma scene odors.

BioSweep Nebraska provides that permanent solution.

BioSweep Nebraska applies a concentrated vapor of hydrogen peroxide and purified oxygen to all interior surfaces and the HVAC system to eliminate strong odors and get the sale or rental closed. We have deodorized hundreds of apartments and buildings of all sizes and can give a property manager confidence that a strong smell is not an obstacle to filling a rental or leased space.

BioSweep Nebraska has helped “seal the deal” on numerous home sales by eliminating a strong odor

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