Cat-astrophic Odors


Biosweep in action.

Check out our oxidative cleanser foaming cat urine out of a soiled floor. Material rises to the surface where it oxidizes and is then vacuumed up.

If you’ve ever owned or cared for a cat, you can probably understand the problem that cat urine odor poses--especially for someone trying to sell their home or an apartment manager dealing with a tenant that has not done a good job of policing their puss. It's also possible for people to become so accustomed to the smells of their environment that they literally don’t notice a foul odor after a time.

Friends or family may not want to bring it up, but a prospective home buyer or rental prospect will certainly be turned off by the odor and look elsewhere. There are products on the market that can handle light soiling or spotting, and some carpet cleaning companies do a decent job, but that is not what we are usually asked to handle.

Biosweep Nebraska has been dealing with cat urine smell issues for nearly 12 years. We use a four step plan to remove strong cat urine odor that works great if followed to the letter.

1. Remove as much of the source material as possible, especially soiled carpet and pad. We have found it nearly impossible to completely remove cat urine odor from carpet, pad, cloth or foam material if there is anything more than just a light soiling or spotting. Don’t forget the carpet tack strip too!

2. Clean any affected hard surfaces such as walls, counter tops, tile, hardwood floors, etc.

3. Treat any affected sub flooring or concrete with hydrogen peroxide based cleaner to oxidize material.

4. Decontaminate all surfaces while also deodorizing the home or apartments HVAC system with oxidative vapor produced by our BioSweep generators.

In some (rare) severe cases of contamination, we have been forced to use an encapsulant sealant paint in hard to treat areas or in areas where total removal of source material is problematic.

We receive calls every month about this problem as it is a common occurrence with cat owners everywhere. We have found that by following the steps outlined above, we get the best and most economical results in the long run.

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